About the Designer

As a small child in her mother’s kitchen Elisabeth discovered her passion for food, specifically sweets. As she grew so did love of cake. Knowing ultimately she wanted to go out on her own, Elisabeth enrolled in culinary school upon her high school graduation. She holds a degree in Culinary Arts specializing in Baking & Pastry Arts, graduating top of her class. After graduating Elisabeth began to explore every aspect of the restaurant industry, starting as a pantry cook at Ponti Seafood Grill in Fremont. After expressing her interest in the pastry menu her chef allowed her creativity to blossom. After almost 5 years at Ponti leaving as the Executive Sous Chef Elisabeth decided to focus her career on pastry and landed a job in the pastry department at the world famous Canlis Restaurant. Her creativity was challenged but blossomed in Canlis’s fine dining environment. A twist of fate then landed Elisabeth with Pastry Chef position at Hotel 1000 & BOKA Kitchen + Bar in Seattle. Her dreams of being a Pastry Chef had finally come true but something was still missing. Of course she decorated cakes regularly during her career but now after the birth of her daughter Bella Rayne in October of 2009 Elisabeth decided to change her focus again and concentrate solely on her passion for cake. Crimson Cane Cakes was launched in March of 2010 and Elisabeth quickly earned recognition for her unique style and unmatched quality of her cakes resulting in what many have described as the supreme “cake experience”. Elisabeth brings an eclectic perspective to the art of designing cakes. Her southern charm and creative eye allow her to envision designs through an uncommon lens. Cake art has proven to be the perfect medium for exploring all facets of the arts – for Elisabeth, the ideal combination of artistry and passion.

Photo by: Aly Medina of La Luz Photography